For Small jobs: 

    For small jobs we charge on an hourly rate for the expected time the job will take. The total time is agreed and this establishes a fixed price for the work undertaken.

    Typically, small domestic surveys with in 15 minutes of the office together with a short structural report can cost approximately 125 inclusive of VAT. If surveys reveal a whole raft of defects then the charges are increased accordingly, but rarely do they exceed 200 inclusive of VAT. 

    Small house extensions and loft conversions will cost about 500 including VAT depending upon the location, site visit, structural input and drawings required. A fully detailed quote may range from 200 to 700, but this will let you see where all the input is required and you can choose what level of service you need or you can try to design out the need for structural input.

For Large Projects:

    The use of ACE fee scales as a guide is made and then depending upon a whole host of factors this is adjusted to suit the clients needs. Adjustments for site supervision, attendance at meetings, simplicity of the project and the amount of repetition, the time frame for delivery, what materials are involved, levels of PI required, warranties, etc.

    Contract agreement can either be by the NEC professional services form of contract, or by the ACE contract.

    We would be pleased to be involved with works up to 10m.